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The Merrick Library is inviting all of our patrons to gather items and write letters to send to soldiers currently deployed overseas.  Any Soldier Inc. is a non-profit organization which began in August 2003 to provide care packages and letters to troops who were not receiving mail. This organization has served over 2 million troops stationed in many different locations.


For the entire month of January, the Merrick Library will be collecting letters and donations to send our troops. At the end of February, we will have a community service program to package the materials. Donations will be accepted beginning January 2nd. 

Materials Needed:
The materials listed are specifically from lists compiled by soldiers. Any of these products would be much appreciated:

• Bar Soaps
• Beanie Babies
• Beef Jerky
• Body Lotion (travel size)
• Body Wash (travel size)
• Breakfast bars
• Candy (no chocolate)
• Chef Boyardee
• Cleanex Facial Tissues (Pocket sized)
• Cliff Bars
• Coffee creamers (non-liquid)
• Coloring Books
• Colored Pencils (mechanical)
• Dryer Sheets
• Dried Fruit
• Energy Bars
• Feminine Products
• Flushable Wipes
• Granola Bars
• Ground Coffee
• Hair Gel
• Healthy Snack Food
• "Just Add Water" Meals
• Keurig Coffee Cups
• Laundry detergent (pods)
• Letters
• Lip balm
• Pens
• Protein Bars
• Protein Powder
• Powder Drink Mix Packets
• Electrolyte Packets
• Shampoo ( Travel size)
• Shaving cream (Men & Women)
• Socks (Military & Civilian)
• Soups
• Stationery Paper
• Sugar Packets
• Sunflower Seeds (All flavors)
• Tea bags
• Trail Mix
• Travel Blankets
• Travel Pillows
• Toothpaste 
• Toothbrushes
• Tuna packs

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