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To use the Roku at home, you will need a TV with an HDMI port (pictured below) and broadband internet with a strong wi-fi signal. You will need to know the password for your wi-fi network. The Roku can be powered by either a USB port on your TV or a nearby wall outlet using the AC adapter.

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Borrowing Policies

Roku streaming sticks are available to Merrick Library cardholders. Ask for one at the Teen/Media Desk – they are first-come, first-served with no reserves. They are loaned for one week with no renewals. The box contains the Roku stick, a remote, a cable, extension cable, and an AC adapter. All pieces must be returned in the case. The late fee is $1 per day. Replacement fees if items are missing or damaged are as follows: Roku stick: $50, remote control: $20, cable and/or AC adapter: $10. You may not attempt to add channels to the Roku or purchase or rent titles through the VUDU account. The device must be returned in the same condition and with the same configuration and content as when it was loaned.


  1. Plug the smaller connector on the cable into the end of the Roku stick.
  2. Plug the Roku stick into the HDMI port on your TV.
  3. If you have a USB port on your TV, plug the other end of the cable into it. If you don’t, plug that end of the cable into the AC adapter, and plug that into a wall outlet or surge protector.
  4. Turn on your TV and set the “source” or “input” to HDMI.
  5. The Roku will turn on automatically. Once started it should ask you to choose a wi-fi network. Select your network and enter your password if you have one. If the choice of networks does not appear automatically, select “Settings” on the Roku homepage, then “Network,” and choose yours. If the Roku does not see your network, this is most likely an issue with your wi-fi signal. Unfortunately, the Library is unable to assist with wi-fi troubleshooting or repair.
  6. Once connected, you will see the Roku home screen, which displays available channels. The only available channel is VUDU. Select it and you will be taken to the Library’s VUDU account.
  7. Once in VUDU, scroll to “My VUDU” on the menu bar on top of the screen. Then select “Movies and TV Shows.”
  8. All available items will now appear on the screen. Select one and enjoy! You may watch as many as you like during your loan period.
  9. Please be sure to return all pieces – stick, remote, cable, extension cable, and AC adapter – to the Library.


Nothing happens when I connect the Roku to my TV. 

Make sure the Roku is plugged into both a power source and the TV, then make sure the TV is set to the HDMI input/source.

The Roku remote is not working. 

The batteries may need to be replaced. If the batteries are working, try pairing the remote: (1) Open the battery compartment. (2) Press and hold the pairing button until the LEDs on the remote and streaming stick blink. (3) Unplug the Roku stick from the power source and plug it back in. During start-up, the remote should automatically pair with the stick.

When I select a movie, the only option I see is “Play Trailer.”

Select the movie by pressing OK on the remote and you will see options to watch, watch again or resume.

When I select a movie, the only option is to “Resume.” How do I play it from the beginning?

Go to “My VUDU”, select “Watchlist”, select the movie, and choose “Start Over.”

When I select a movie or TV show why am I seeing options to rent or own?

You are not viewing the Library’s movie collection. You cannot purchase, rent, or download any content to the library’s account. To access the Library’s movie collection, press the back arrow on the remote to return to the VUDU menu, and select “My VUDU.”

I was interrupted while watching a movie and saw the message "Another device on your account has started playing this content."

The library has several Roku devices registered under one account, which is allowed under the terms. However, the movie studios and VUDU do not allow any one account to stream the same movie simultaneously across multiple devices, and VUDU does not give preference to the first person who started the movie. This may result in one user being bumped from a movie if another user starts the same one. This should be a rare occurrence, but if it happens please let us know when you return the device.