You are here: Unattended Children Policy
The safety and well being of young children left unattended in the library is of serious concern.  Parents, not library staff, are responsible for children using the library.

All children not yet in 4th grade MUST be accompanied by someone 14 years of age or older who will be responsible for the behavior of the younger person(s).

If a child is attending a program at the library, a parent or caregiver must remain in the building.  If a child is 5 years or younger a parent or caregiver must remain in the Children’s room.

If a child is left unattended in the library, a staff member will first try to locate the responsible adult (caregiver).  If an adult or responsible caregiver is not located within 30 minutes, staff may find it necessary to call police.

Adopted September 20, 2005

Revised November 20, 2007

Revised June 20, 2017