You are here: Museum Passes Policy

1.      Free family passes to a variety of museums are available to Merrick Library cardholders in good standing, who do not have fines exceeding $5.00.

2.      Museum passes may be reserved up to three months in advance by an adult (18 years or older).  Print on Demand passes can be printed at home or at the Library. Pick up/Return at Library passes are picked up at the Circulation Desk, and must be checked out by the card-holder who placed the reservation.  Reservations placed on children’s cards will not be honored.

3.      Each Museum pass may be reserved once in a 30-day period.  Only one pass may be borrowed at a time.  On any given day, family members may not reserve multiple passes for the same museum.  An adult family member may borrow one pass at a time, one time per calendar month for each individual museum.

4.      Courtesy card holders are not eligible for museum passes.

5.      Print on Demand passes are only valid for the date listed on the confirmation page. Pickup/Return at Library passes have a one-day loan period.  The pass must be returned the day after it is borrowed.  In effect, the borrower has the use of the pass for two days.  Passes may be returned in the book drop in the envelope we provide.  There is a $10.00 per day late charge for passes not returned on time.  There will be an additional charge to replace a lost pass.  Please note: when the library is closed on Sunday, passes checked out on Saturday are due before 9 AM on Monday. 


Adopted July 21, 2005

Revised 2006

Revised May 15, 2007

Revised August 21, 2007

Revised September 15, 2009

Revised June 21, 2011

Revised January 10, 2012

Revised January 20 2015