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Proof of residency is required to obtain a library card. This can be any of the following: driver’s license, non-driver ID, utility bill, property tax bill, printed check, two pieces of first class mail, etc. (P.O. Box is not acceptable). Library cards are valid for three years and may be renewed by presenting continued proof of residency.

Non-residents who work in Merrick or attend a private school, may have a one-year renewable library card (referred to as a courtesy card) valid only at the Merrick Library. A letter must accompany the application indicating that the non-resident works or attends school in Merrick.

Non-residents, who own property in the Merrick Union Free School District, may also have a library card if they show current identification and a tax bill for the property they own. This library card will be valid for one year.

Patrons must present identification in person to renew or obtain a library card. Patrons who apply for a library card online will be asked to show proof of residency the first time they use the card in the library. Patrons whose cards are issued for one year will be asked to verify their qualifying information annually.

Lost cards will be replaced at a $1.00 fee. Cards that are no longer usable due to wear and tear will be replaced at no charge.

Anyone who holds a Merrick Library card (courtesy card excepted) is eligible for direct access privileges in all Nassau County public libraries. The reverse holds true. The cardholders must be in good standing in their home library (no fines, etc.) Therefore, library cards from any other library in the county are valid and enable the holder to take material (within the local restrictions) in any other NLS member library.

Courtesy card holders will not be eligible to sign up for programs with resident card holders, but are able to sign up when the program opens to non-residents. Museum passes and E-readers are also available only to residents of the Merrick Union Free School District, and not to courtesy card holders.

Temporary residents (group home residents, short-term motel residents), may have temporary borrowing privileges upon presentation of current valid identification. It will be a courtesy card valid only at the Merrick Library with a three-month expiration date, subject to the limitations of a courtesy card. This card may be renewed upon presentation of proof.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees

DATE:  December 21, 2010

REVISED:  February 12, 2013

REVISED: July 22, 2014

REVISED: March 14, 2018