You are here: Policy For Study Rooms And Conference Room

In keeping with that part of the library's mission statement which encourages the joy of reading and learning, the library provides a Quiet Study Room, a Group Study Room and a Conference Room for patrons' use, with preference given to Merrick residents. All of these rooms are located on the second floor of the building.

  • The Quiet Study Room, meant for individual study purposes, can accommodate five individuals. No reservation is necessary.
  • The Group Study Room, designed for groups of two or more students, can hold up to eight people. A group of students who reside in Merrick may sign up at the Media Desk to reserve this room for up to two hours. If no one else is waiting, the time may be extended. A single student may be asked to vacate the room if a study group of two or more wishes to use it. Students must be in the seventh grade or above to reserve the room, unless a parent signs up for the room and will be responsible, and available, if needed.
  • The Conference Room is open for quiet study when not being used as a meeting room. The room may be reserved for small groups (maximum 12) with a required application to be filled out by the group leader. Applications for meeting rooms with our meeting room policy can be obtained in the programmer's office.
  • If the Conference Room is not being used for a meeting, patrons may use the room for study purposes for up to two hours. Merrick residents will be given preference. A single student may be asked to vacate the room if a study group of two or more wishes to use it.
  • Individuals are not guaranteed use of these rooms. If the quiet study room is full, individuals will be directed to the conference or group study room even if it is occupied by an individual. Groups will not be asked to vacate to accommodate an individual.
  • Group study rooms, the Conference Room and the Quiet study cannot be reserved by tutors. At no time will anyone be asked to vacate a room to accommodate a tutor and his/her student/s.
  • These three rooms must be vacated 15 minutes prior to the Library's closing time.

While studying in any of these rooms the following rules apply:

  • Shoes must be worn at all times and no bare feet are allowed
  • No one may put their feet up on the furniture
  • Furniture may not be taken from any other area (e.g. Teen Room)
  • Food or drink are allowed, as outlined in the Food and Drink Policy

Lack of cooperation with this policy may result in losing the privelege to use or reserve these rooms.

Adopted June 13, 2006
Revised April 17, 2007
Revised June 27, 2007
Revised May 17, 2011
Revised April 14, 2015