You are here: Borrow a Launchpad
Come to the Merrick Library Children’s Room to check out our Playaway Launchpads! They are preloaded themed tablets that are not only fun but also educational. We have tablets for children of all ages.

Merrick residents may borrow Launchpads for 14 days.

             Playaway Launchpads

Ages 3-5, Pre- K to K (Orange

-      1, 2 Trees! (Nature)

-      Beep Beep! Vroom Vroom!!( Transportation)

-      Dinoriffic! (Dinosaurs)

-      Go Bananas! (Monkeys)

-      I Can Build That! (STEAM)

-      I’m Not Scared! (Monsters)

-      Journey with Me! (Fantasy)

-      Letters, Letters Everywhere! (English Language Arts)

-      Mix. Match. Magic! (Math)

-      See. Hear. Say! (English as a second language)

-      ¡Sí! ¡Yes! ¡Sí! (Spanish)

-      Word Explorers! ( Nickelodeon)

Ages 5-7, Grades K-2 (Green)

-      A Royal Party! (Princesses)

-      Big Minds (STEAM)

-      Dr. Seuss Favorites: Volume 5 (English Language Arts)

-      Fast Thinker (Fantasy)

-      Flocks of Fun (Animals)

-      It’s Tiara Time! (Princess)

-      Jump Up and Party! (Parties)

-      Let’s Go Underwater!  (Under the sea)

-      Let’s Play, Me Hearties! (Pirates)

-      Little Picasso! (Art)

-      Out of this World! (Space)

-      Minds in Motion. (STEAM)

-      My Smart Start! (School review & prep)

-      Pizza Party! (Food)

-      Smart. Furry. Fun. (Animals)

-      The More I Know! (School review & prep)

-      ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tres! (Spanish)

-      You Go, Ghoul! (Halloween)

Ages 8-10, 4th Grade (Purple)

-       In the Think Tank (Critical Thinking)

-       Making the Grade! (School review & prep)

-       Now I Know! (School review & prep)

-       Number Cruncher! (Math)

-       Outnumbered! (Math)

-       Ready, Set, Action! (Adventure)

-       What a Find! (Scavenger hunt)

-       Word Voyage ( English Language Arts)

Ages 10 +, Grades 5+ (Blue)

-       After School Extreme (Brain Breaks)

-       What’s Your Number! (Math)

-       Wonder Worlds! (Fantasy)